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IDFA TV 2008 by Engage!

Engage! will produce all multicam registrations of IDFA 2008, including the nightly talkshows in Escape, the masterclasses, special debates, and The Forum. The webcasts will be accessible on the IDFA website a few hours after the event. Some events will also be webcast live.

The International Documentary Filmfestival IDFA is heavily investing in its online presence. A new video-centered website will launch weeks before the 2008 Festival, and wil host film trailers, entire documentary films, video reports and webcasts of most special events.

Engage! Tactical Media is specialised in multicam webcasts. The crew will consist of 1 producer, 3 directors, 2 festival liaisons, 1 crew coordinator, 1 production assistant, and a crew of around 15 camera people. Webcasts will be produced from Escape Club at the Rembrandtsplein, Pakhuis de Zwijger and Compagnie Theater.

More info: please use the contact form or call us.